Bail Bonds

Looking to learn more about bail bonds?  Bail bonds are documents that are issued to individuals who have been charged with a criminal offense.

When you are arrested, an arraignment will be held for the individual in order for bail to be determined and set.  Often, if the bail bond is issued, by hiring a bail bonds company such as Jam Bail Bonds of Clayton County we can help get you released from jail.

The reason you need a bail bond is to insure the court appearance of yourself or the defendant, who has been arrested, in order to prove innocence or guilty.

In America, we are all innocent until proven guilt, that is were bail bonds come in to allow you get free while you settle your affairs and prepare for court.

With our bail bonds company we can help you or a representative friend or family member get free from the county jail and gain freedom as long as you meet the obligation of being present in court at the required time and date.  In most cased, our bail bonds company will have a working relationship with the court system and can help speed your release by providing “blanket coverage” to the court.

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