Some people think that getting out of jail is a simple matter of paying bail or obtain a bail bond but the process is actually a bit more complicated than that. There are a number of alternative avenues one could take to get out of jail, but we can tell you now that buying a bond is by far the best choice.

While bail usually takes the form of cash or a check, the State may accept other forms of property as bail. Surrendering a personal valuable or a piece of real estate equal in value to the amount requested is certainly one of the least desirable methods of posting bail. In many cases, this method ends up costing you much more than the purchase of a bail bond would and in some cases, you’ll never see your property again.

Another non-monetary bail option offered in many jails is the posting of an offender’s driver’s license. This option is only offered in lieu of bail for certain offenses and only becomes available if the offender holds an unexpired driver’s license. Should you choose this option, the offender will be unable to drive, or do much of anything really, until after their court date. In a sense, this is a voluntary form of house arrest. The real problem with this form of bail, however, is that more often than not, a judge will not re-issue the license to the offender until full bail has been paid. While temporarily giving up a driver’s license may seem like a quick fix, it isn’t very useful in the long run.

As you can probably tell, non-bond forms of bail are generally inconvenient, impractical and just plain irritating. When you need to get somebody out of jail, you should obtain a bail bond because they make the process as simple as possible. The cost for a surety bond service is almost always a small fraction of the full bail amount, as little as 10 percent of it. When an eligible co-signer purchases a bond from a bonding company, as opposed to going straight to the jail and paying the full amount of bail which may total to thousands of dollars or surrendering some personal belonging, everyone involved will save time, money and headaches.