Pretrial Release and Bail

As a civil society, every citizen’s freedom is important. And frankly, we don’t have the resources to keep every small and big offender behind bars. That’s why, for small offenses, there’s almost always an alternative to jail time. The most common alternative is bail. A defendant whose guilt has not yet been determined by the […]

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What Happens After a DUI – Bail Bonds

If someone you know has recently been arrested for driving under the influence, buying a bail bond is the first part of a long penalty process. With all the license and insurance issues that arise after a DUI, paying a large sum for bail is far from ideal. A bail bond can help decrease the […]

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The 8th Amendment – The Right to Bail

Bail is a pretty basic idea. A form of property is pledged or deposited to a court to have a suspect released from jail, inferring that the suspect will return to court for trial. If the suspect fails to appear they forfeit said property or “bail” and get charged with failure to appear on top […]

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Common Forms of Collateral for Bail Bonds

Getting incarcerated is unpleasant enough. Aside from the being put in a cell part, it often leaves you or someone you know with the task of coming up with enough money to cover the cost of a bond through a bail agent. Even if you don’t have enough cash on hand to pay, however, you […]

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Courts – Denying Bail?

On the list of bits of knowledge that you hope you will never have to use in real life, along with how to escape from a car underwater and how to bring down an angry bear, is an understanding of the bail system. However, it can be good to at least have a working knowledge […]

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Finding Legal Help Clayton County

Once a perpetrator has obtained a bond, he will be free to go forth from the prison he is being held and begin preparations for his appearance in court. Often times these preparations will consist of finding the right lawyer.  There are thousands of practicing lawyers in the state of Georgia so you should be […]

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Bail Law in Georgia

Bail law isn’t the most interesting reading material but that’s why we’re here. To help you understand the law and get your loved ones free as easily as possible. The chapter of Georgia law devoted to bail is pretty dense. Let’s see if we can offer you a comprehensive summary of it in less than […]

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Why You Should Honor a Bond

We know for sure that very few people would deliberately miss a court date. The consequences are just too steep. At the same time, we understand that accidents happen and that some people have a habit of disregarding legal obligations. Occasionally, a defendant will end up missing his or her court date simply out of […]

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The Roles of a Bondsman

Often the cost of bail is more than an ordinary person can afford. This is where a bail bond comes in. A bondsman is a privately employed individual who manages that bond. A bail bondsman has established lines of credit with the court system so he can make arrangements to pay the court the full […]

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Bail Bonds – How Long Will It Take?

If someone you know just called you asking for bail, your head is probably full of questions about how bail works. One of the most pressing questions in your mind: “How long will it take to get my loved one out of jail?”

When you choose purchasing a bail bond over going to the jail to […]

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